Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hubby  just pulled the pieces of Lil' mans kitchen out of the box and it's 10:32 on Christmas eve.   There are over 35 pieces of wood that need to be put together. Two boxes of screws (about 200), and a few other odds and ends. I can't help but laugh because I have been nagging him to build it all week.


Looks like he's gonna be up for a while! Who else waits till the last minute to put gifts together?


  1. Ugh! I didn't have anything to put together, but I waited until the very last minute to wrap half the presents from us and the presents from the big guy...and by last minute, I mean about 10:30pm Christmas Eve. I finally got to bed about 1:30am, and this morning I woke up and found the tendinitis had returned to my thumb...from too much wrapping. Guess I should have spread it out a bit, I meant to!

  2. Lol Cynthia! We were up until 2:30 putting the kitchen together! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!