Saturday, December 12, 2009


My name is Karen and I have a shopping problem.  Every time I go to the store to buy a Christmas gift for someone,  I could out with a toy for Lil' man.  The hubby would kill me if he knew i've spent over $400 on toys.

I got this kitchen

A ton of the Melissa and Doug wooden food sets.

Pots and pans, silverware set, dish set, and coffee pot from Ikea.

Anything and everything from the movie cars.

A Thomas the tank train set.

A few board games. and a million and one other little things. I am so excited for Christmas morning!


  1. Haaaa... we totally did that last year for Madi. She was our first kid we ever had over Christmas and it was her first Christmas in a good stable loving home. I think she opened presents for 45 mins. Oops!!!

  2. I have a shopping problem too! This is our first Christmas with a little one, I tried to keep things somewhat under control. However, just when I think I'm done shopping, I find something else the Princess HAS to have. She did ask for clothes, which she needs, I don't have many warm clothes for her since she came to live with us in the summer (and she's outgrowing the clothes that she does have). So, I bought her a few things to get her by, and then went crazy with clothes shopping to put under the tree. She will be so excited, she loves clothes! I also bought puzzles, games, a barbie, a doll, disney figurines. I might hit up the dollar store to get some crap to wrap up so she can open a ton of presents. It's all about quantity over quality at her age, she loves that dollar store crap. Your shopping list makes me want to buy even more stuff! I love Melissa and Doug! Ikea has some great stuff too!! I must stop...

  3. Dollar tree junk is a must for stocking stuffers! I got 24 piece puzzles from the dollar tree. I told hubby Lil' man is going to like his spin toothbrush the best! lol