Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Super savings!

I have posted before about how I have been clipping coupons, as well as printing them from online. Last night I went to publix with my coupons in tow. Here is what I bought:

3 boxes trail mix cereal

2 packs of OM all beef hot dogs

5-8 packs of Dr. peper

6-canisters of crystal light

2-boxes of kotex tampons

1-21lbs tub 0f fresh step cat litter

64 load bottle of arm n hammer

pulix brand dish soap

My total before coupons was: $78:07

After coupons and other discount I paid: $30.31

Total saved: $47.76 cents!


  1. did you do that??

  2. I save my coupons for when things are buy one get one free, and get things for bottom dollar. For $3.00 I got six canisters of crystal light. For .30 cents I got three boxes of cereal!