Friday, December 4, 2009

Lights everywhere

Last night we went to a local Christmas lights display.  Lil' Man could not believe is eyes! I am so loving sharing this holiday season with him.  It's different from a baby experiencing Christmas for the first time, because he's older, and he gets it.

As we were driving through the garden of lights Lil' Man's eyes lit up, because he spotted Santa! We rolled down our windows (he was up front sitting in my lap) and he promptly shouted to Santa " I really want a power wheels" something he keeps saying, but something we had not planned on buying.

Santa asked him if he has been a good boy, to which he replied "Yes sir".  Santa told him he was the cutest boy he had ever seen, which made his smile grow even bigger.

He oooed and ahhhhed the entire time we were in the garden.  I'm loving it!

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