Friday, December 11, 2009

busy day

Today we went to the plantation, and picked juicy oranges right off the tree.  Lil' Man and Willie B where eating them fast than the hubs was picking them.  P was just interested in bagging them.  He said he's making orange juice for us all tomorrow!

After picking oranges we headed to a local Chinese restaurant, where we got plenty of stares and comments, because the boys are so close in age.  People should learn to mind their own damn business.. Dont ya think?  Is three kids close in age really over the top? I don't think so.

Maybe they were staring because my three where behaving better than their one. HA

After dinner we ventured to the in-laws for a Sanford family tradition of making popcorn  balls.  They are yummy when the syrup is still warm, and gooey.

I have been working sixty hour weeks this month, and its starting to wear on me.  YAWN

Tomorrow we have a few last minute gifts to pick up. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?

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