Friday, July 3, 2009

In your face

There are somethings in life I don't understand and blended families who treat the children differently is one of them. My husband's parents divorced when he was 12, his Dad remarried shortly there after.

His step Mother has two boys from a previous marriage. Her boys have always been treated as a apart of the family. They call Wayne's father," dad". However the step Mom does not treat Wayne, and his two biological siblings the same. She prefers her children, over them. Now I have never been a Mother, let alone a step Mother. But I do know that all children need love, and should be treated the same. Even into adulthood. Weather Wayne, and his siblings admit it, it does effect their lives.

They don't try to hide the the differences it's IN YOUR FACE, 24/7. The fact that Wayne's Dad allows it to go on makes him just as guilty.

Her boys (who supposed to be grown Men) are handed everything on a silver platter, while Wayne is eating out of a dog bowl.

What do you think that does for a persons self esteem?

vent over..

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