Friday, July 31, 2009

IEP update

When we first started the IEP meeting the “team” had already decided that Lil Man would be placed in a special needs classroom. The based their decisions on year old unmedicated evaluations.

He is a different little boy now.

The told me the regular ed classrooms were full. I told them I was sorry that their classes were full, but I registered him in May.   I suggested they find a spot for him.  They assumed me they had no spots.

However by the end of the IEP meeting they found a spot for him.   He will be placed in a mainstream classroom with 19 other kids.  There is a teacher and an assistant.  He will have an aid for one hour a day during the most structured part of the school day.  He will also get a daily consult with the special needs teacher.

He will have a speech, OT, and PT evaluation within the first two weeks of school. We have another meeting scheduled for the beginning of Sept. to update/amend his IEP.

I am worried about him getting lost. As usual I typed up a letter and emailed it to his teacher.  They are under strict instruction to watch him when they are transitioning to activities outside of the class.

Lil Man is so excited about “going to the big school”  Although he was a little disappointed when I told him he wont be riding the bus.

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