Monday, July 6, 2009

For rent

Last night while laying in bed reality reared it's ugly head. I was over come with emotions knowing that I will never see my Mother again in this life. Despite the fact that her ashes are resting upon a table in my hallway, I like to think I will see her when I visit Virginia.

So hard to beleive so much time has passed. My sister told me that my Mum's old house is for rent. For some sick reason I want to stop by, and peak in the window when I go to Virginia next week.

I want to see if it's still decorated in the same fashion my Mum had it.

Does the house smell like my Mum?

Are her plants still alive?

What about the bunnies, and birds she used to feed?

Oh how I wish I could hear her voice, one more time.

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