Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who knew..

So far I have been slapped a few times, told to shut up, and had a pair of Thomas shoes thrown at me.  I was told I am mean, and how much lil man hates me.  There is no reasoning, no talking him out of it, you just have to let it go, and be there to comfort him when its all said and done.

He hates his toys, his bedroom, his food, and his new parents.

Comforting someone who hates you, and is pushing your every button is very had.   I don't think I full understood how damaged these children are. 

It's heartbreaking.  It isnt his fault, he wasn't the one that drank so much it damaged his brain.  He didnt asked to be moved from house to house.

After the raging fit, I am his best friend. He wants a hug, and wants me to play with him.  Hopefully over time these behaviors will reduce. 

For now I am off to do more research!


  1. It will take a LOT of time, but usually the behaviors do diminish. With all three of my kids, it was by far the worst during the first few months. With T, it was the first year. Hang in there. If you give him some simple choices in things, it helps. Like for lunch, he can choose between soup or a sandwich. For playtime, he can choose between blocks or cars. That sort of thing give kids like ours a sense of empowerment because they have never been given choices before.

  2. Hi Karen. I am sure it is so so so hard. I think what Torina said is a good idea. I mean, think about what this little guy is coming from? Maybe (I pray not, because if so may God have mercy on the soul of the person who did so) he too was slapped and told to shut up and that he was hated. You are so so so what this little guy needs. You are doing God's work, Karen. Stay strong!!!! You are amazing!!

  3. I know how demoralizing and physically painful it is many times I have cried while holding my child and praying for a way to make her understand and accept my love for her. Attachment parenting is very hard work..but the victories are so rewarding!! look for the small victories each day!