Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hit the road jack..


This post is going to be short, I am online using some random person Internet connection.. 

The boy's and I headed to the beach today just after two today. We made it here in five hours.. Not bad timing  considering I was heading south instead of north.

We had a few laughs along the way.

One of the towns we passed through is called Waycross.  Parker said "Does that  mean we are way across the other side form our house"

The baby was having melt down about 3 hours into the ride, I turned on some music with a heavy beat, that kept in entertained for a good 30 minutes!

Parker burped after sucking down a juice box, and Willie B (who's is 18 months old) said cuse yoo (excuse you) too cute.

My hubby, two sisters, and their little chicks will be heading my way sometime tomorrow. 

I hope the boys sleep in until at least 9am. After all we're at the beach..

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