Thursday, April 23, 2009

dream dream dream..

Last night while sleeping my mind was going a hundred miles a minute.  I don't think I actually got any good sleep.  I was dreaming about my sweet baby girl Teagyn.  We were out and about, and show how Teagyn feel into a lake.  She went under, and I stood there for a minute before reacting (totally not my personality)  By the time I got her out of the water it was too late.  In my dream I preformed CPR on her for over an hour.  I woke up soaking went from sweating, and tired, because I was acting out the dream in my sleep.

I have had several dreams over the years where horrid things have happened to Teagyn.  In all of those dreams I have never been unable to save her.  It's as if some inside guilt it coming out, because I wasn't able to save her from her disease.  No amount of love, money, or prayer could cure her.

Hugs and kisses to my angel up in the sky..Auntie loves you sweet girl.

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