Thursday, April 30, 2009

another one


Little man is doing well, we have not had any tantrums since Sunday!!!! FOUR DAYS! He has decided he likes me better than  the hubby even if I am a little more  strict.  He is doing well in "school". He has a few  accident in his undies, but I guess that is to be expected with everything that is going on. 

I found out that birth mom is expecting, and due again soon, which really pisses me off.  If you have no desire to get the first child back, why in the hell are you creating another one?  I think if a parents rights are terminated, that should be made to have their tubes tied.  Since she has done nothing wrong to the unborn she gets to keep it.

Our case worker told me that since lil mans needs are so high we will not be allowed to take another placement until things settle down.  I am a little PO, because I can handle another child.   I think he would benefit greatly from having someone near his age to play with.

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