Monday, April 27, 2009


Lil man had a wonderful day at daycare today.  His teacher said he was an angel, and very laid back.  I almost chocked...Was she referring to MY lil man?  After "school" we went to the park for an hour.  When we got home lil man went straight to his room to play with his cars while hubby and I made dinner. 

I kept popping into his room reminding him "soon it will be dinner time." "when it dinner time we are going to sit at the table and eat dinner". He came back with the usual "I ain't eating no food" "I wanna play with my cars."

I responded with "your cars will be here when your finished dinner."  Dinner was done, and it was clear he wasn’t ready to join us, so I decided to set a timer.  I set the timer for two minutes, and told him "when the timer rings its time for eat." 

Wouldn't you know that lil man came out of his room, without being prompted as soon as the timer went off!  Dinner went off without a hitch! As did bath time, story time, and bed time.

I even got a hug and kiss good night..

Cheers to a fit free day..woo hoo!