Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a few extra bucks


Today my husband called me to let me know that his employer hired another full-time worker.My husband has worked there part-time for over two years, and was not offered the job or the hours. 

He is a hard working, shows up to work on time, and comes home exhausted(physical labor) at the end of the day. He does whatever they ask him, whenever they ask.

The part I am having a hard time digesting is the fact that his father (my father in law) is the superintendent.  Why wouldn't you want to give your kid a leg up in the world?   He isnt looking for a hand out, just the chance to make a few extra bucks to help support his family.

There are something I will never understand and this is one of them.  I would do ANYTHING to help anyone of my loved one if I was able.  Maybe I am too nice.

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  1. What...That's BS. Who hired the new guy?? Or do I have to ask?