Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heart broken


I received a packet of information on lil man today, and his "story" just breaks my heart.  To say the system has failed him would be an under statement.  He has been in care since birth, within those four sort years he has been in SIX different foster homes.  Our home will be the seventh place he has lived in FOUR YEARS.  That's almost a new home every 6 months, and they wonder why his issues are getting worse.

He is globally developmental delayed, and has fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), and ADHD.  He likes to be read to, and enjoys snuggling.  He can be aggressive, and his no fear.  He has dimorphic features due to his FAS.  He attends preschool, and is a very social little boy.

I will admit I am scared that I might be in a little over my head.  But I am not about to give up on him, before we even get started.  He needs consistency , he needs love, he needs rules, and boundaries, in order to help him over come his delays.

How is this allowed to happen in our country?  Why has he been moved from home to home.  Why haven't his parents rights been terminated?

I am off to do some research.

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  1. You are absolutely right. What it sounds like he needs most is consistency. You will be a wonderful mom for him, I know it.