Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You will never guess what happened to our Lil Man yesterday on his first day of school.

The daycare provider FORGOT to pick him up.  Preschool gets out at 2:30pm.  At 3pm I called to see if he made it to the daycare alright, and to see how is day went.

The assistant director answered and told me the daycare van was not back yet.  I called back 15 minutes later, and got no answer.  I assumed they were busy.  15 more minutes passed and I called again, still no answer.  It’s now 3:45, and something told me to call the school.  I called the school only to discover that my Lil Man was sitting in the office waiting on his daycare bus.

To say I was livid was an total understatement. I pulled up to the daycare just as one of the teachers pulled up in her personal car.

My lil man was happy to see me!

I read the daycare the riot act, and told them it would be in their best interested to make sure he is picked up everyday ON TIME. 

Can you believe that?

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