Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh no

I’ve made a name for myself at Lil’man’s school, and school has only been in two weeks.  The only time I  have had any lengthy conversations with the school was at the IEP meeting.

A friend of  mine told me today that a friend of hers (who is a aid at the local Elementary  school) is interested adopting a little boy.

The little boy is a student in one of the classes she helps out in.

My friend asked the aid what the Childs name is..Turns out it’s Lil’ Man. 

The aid then said “word around  school is that the foster family has their shit together, but they don’t want to adopt him.”

She cannot understand why we do not  want to adopt, “such a sweet little boy.” 

I told my friend “geez that makes me feel real good.”

Yes, he is a sweet little boy, and I love him.

We are foster parents, not adoptive parents.  We did not come into this to adopt.  We were chosen to be his foster family until he finds his forever family. 

I wonder what else they think about me.


  1. While, as a caseworker, I always wanted foster families to adopt the child in their home - I came to not only understand, but truly appreciate, those who wanted to be a stable, loving, temporary place for a child until a "forever" family could be found. Don't be discouraged - there are so many people who simply do not understand. There need to be more of you!

  2. there is nothing wrong with your decision and don't let comments like that question your choice

  3. I, for one, am SOOOOO thankful for you. If it weren't for wonderful foster families like yours, two of our kids would not be with us.