Friday, August 21, 2009

No melting down

We had a rough start at the beginning of this week, because Lil' Man had been in respite over the weekend.  The respite family was wonderful, he  just doesn't do well with change.

We paid the price on Monday, and Tuesday.

However he  has done really well the rest of this week.  Yesterday his daycare provider gave him a piece of candy at the end of the day.  We were on our way home for dinner, so I told him to save it until after we ate. 

Typically this would cause a major melt down, of "I want it now, its my candy.  "i'm not eating dinner." etc.  This time he said okay, I will save it until after dinner.  He didnt fixate on the candy, or obsessively ask if it was time to eat it.

He can write three letters in his name.

He is staying in bed!! (thank you god)

He hasn't been as defiant!

I am hoping that his worker will get around to calling the perspective adoptive family next week.  Visits will follow shortly after. 

It's time for this little guy to go to his forever family!

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