Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breath in..Breath out

Oh me oh my..Lil Man has been off the hook since Friday.  Someone save me please.  He has been non-stop defiant, screaming, yelling, telling people to shut up, the whole nine yards. 

We had plans to go on a golf cart ride around the plantation, but I decided to stay home with Lil Man.  When hubby and Jannae left naturally Lil Man when nuts!

He threw his shoes at me, hit my in the face, and then slammed the bedroom door in my face. He told me to shut up, and not to look at him.

He kicked the door, and hurt his toe.  He then punched the door, and screamed because he hurt his knuckles.  He then tore his vinyl stickers off the wall, and crumpled them into little pieces.

I told him I was sorry he was upset, and asked him if he needed a hug.  He said “No bitch”, and slammed the door again. 

Now he is whacking his bedroom door into the closet door.

I am sitting on the floor up against the bedroom door.

Talking to him does no good, it just makes his aggression worse.  We have found that ignoring the negative behaviors works best.  Typically every 5 minutes I will say something along the lines of “I know your upset, would you like a hug or to read a book”

It hurts me to see him like that.  A child of 4 yrs old should not have to much aggression. 

He is currently laying on his bed screaming “I am a sleepy.” Every now and then another object flies around the room.

Do you know how hard it is to remain composed?  To sit silent when someone is trashing objects that you paid for.  When someone is calling you names, and trying to physically hurt you.

Blogging while he is having a fit might seem strange, but he is safe, and it stops me from totally focusing on what he is saying/doing.

Back again..

He finally gave in and allowed me to hold him. We talked about his feelings, and I rocked him for a few minutes.  He told me he was sorry, and that he loves me.

He is now contently playing on his bedroom floor.

I believe his behavior issues have been worse this week, because of the changes we had to make in our routine in order to get him to school on time. I guess I need to push his bedtime back another half an hour.  Which means he needs to be in bed by 7:30pm.

I hate that he has to go to bed so early.  By the time I get off work, and pick Lil Man up from daycare its almost 6pm  before we get home.  Hubby usually has dinner on the table, we eat, and then play for a little while. 

Before I know its bath time, followed by TV time.  At 7:45 we start our bedtime routine, which consists of us reading to Lil Man, and me singing twinkle twinkle. Hugs and kisses and  then light out.

Who knew blogging could be such good therapy. 

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  1. Sorry Lil Man is having such a rough time of things. Blogging IS therapeutic isn't it :)