Monday, August 10, 2009

Out of control

I knew today was going to be a rough one, but boy was in for a surprise.. Lil Man’s case worker was here this morning for one of her monthly visits.  Before she set foot in the door I told her “its a little wild in here.” 

I spent the entire visit trying to keep the other kids safe, while trying to semi control Lil Man.  He hit, spit, kicked, yelled, screamed, threw things, and told me to shut up.

The case worker was in shock.  Welcome to my life :)

I am beginning to wonder if the antibiotic he started on Friday is having a negative effect on him?


  1. From what I read in other blogs, antibiotics can really bring out the worst in kids suffering from FASD.

  2. Really? I am off to do some research..Only 7 more days on the meds...YIKES