Friday, June 12, 2009

You just never know.

Tonight we were on our way to drop Lil Man off at another foster parents house so that we can have some time to ourself. We were toodling down the highway listening to Lil Man's favorite song, when the truck in front of us started loosing control. He swerved back and fourth several times, before crossing the median and hitting a mini van head on.

I pulled over in a safe location as fast as I could, left the car running with Lil Man buckled in his seat. Wayne and I ran across the highway. Wayne was on the phone with 911, letting them know about the accident. We checked on the people in the truck..They were shocked, but fine. Sadly that was not the case for the family in the mini van.

There were two teen aged boys in the back seat both with mangled legs, and various cuts. They were screaming in pain and shouting for help.

The front passenger, the boys step father was in shock. Despite serious injuries, he climbed out the window.

The driver who was the Mother of the two teens sustained the wost injuries. Her airbags did not deploy, and the steering wheel was indented into her chest. She had blood pouring from her nose, and mangled bones. Thankfully she was breathing.

I ran back to the car to check on Lil Man

The mini van was smoking, and gas was leaking from the truck. I started running to various cars asking if anyone had a fire extinguisher. Wayne was still on the phone with 911. I told Wayne to let them know that the lady had to be cut out of the car.

It seemed to take forever for help to arrive.

I ran back to our car to check on Lil Man.

Wayne was keeping the passenger calm as he was starting to go into shock. He couldn't remember his address, and just wanted to know "why". I was talking to the two boys, and reassuring them help was on the way. They were begging me to help them out, but I told them they had to wait for the ambulance so that we could make sure they body was properly secure. Another man who was behind us assisted the driver, she was in total survival mode.

Thankfully help arrived, and we were able to take a step back. Wayne contacted the passengers family to let them know about the accident. He informed them of which hospital they would be taken too.

I went back to the car again to check on our Lil man while Wayne stayed with the passenger as the EMT's were helping the other people first. Lil Man was very impressed with all of the fire trucks and police cars. Thankfully he was far enough away that he did not see the injuries, just the "smashed up cars."

A few moments later they were all on their way to the ambulance. As the ambulances drove off we gave our statements to the police. We headed back to our car, sanitized our hands, collected ourselves and headed on our way.

I am amazed at how fast your life can change. In an instant the driver went from driving down the highway to fighting for her life. The three men were facing surgery, while worrying if their mom/wife was going to survive.

I have decided thing's don't happen because its all apart of the plan. It just boils down to shit luck. How can one family be so hurt, yet the other people walked away.

Count your blessings, as you just never know what's around the corner.

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