Friday, June 26, 2009


So I am writing a public service announcement to all those out there who don't know what to say to my Lil Man.

For example:

"Go give this to your Aunt Karen."

"your uncle Wayne is here."

We're not his aunt and uncle. He doesn't have to call us MR. and Mrs. He doesn't have to call us Mom and Dad.

He either calls us:

By our first name: Karen, and Wayne

Mommy, and Daddy, because for right now are for filling that role in his life.

or Mama Karen and Daddy Wayne.

Also when introducing myself, my husband and our Lil Man to someone please don't point out that he is our foster child, right in front of him. There is no need to call him out.

Boy was my Lil man confused tonight at a rehearsal dinner for Wayne's bros wedding.


  1. I try to be so mindful about asking foster parents what their children call them. I actually do the same thing for grandparents - so that I'm not saying "grandma" if the child calls that person "Nana". Kids don't realize those are labels and not the person's real name. It is sometimes an uncomfortable question to ask - but better than making a false assumption or confusing the child! I usually recommend that Foster Parents clue others in ahead of time if possible - but that's hard to do when its going to be a big crowd. How frustrating.