Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pushed to the limit..

Today we had a long day of shopping with Lil man in tow. Our first stop was the car dealership, where were stuck there for two hours. After spending a small fortune on a new car for the hubby I decided I needed to do some spending so we headed for the outlet mall.

Lil Man got a few shirts, a pair of sun glasses, some Scottish candy, and two rides on the .50 cent ponnies. I picked up a totally cute liz claborn purse which retails for $70.00, I paid $15.00! I also got a pair of sandles.

A few hours later we headed to Target. Lil Man loves Target, he pretends he's going to Target when playing with his cars! When he was told he could not get a new car he totally lost it.

"I don't like this family anymore"

"I am going to tell people to shut up"

Me: "I cant hear what your saying, because your not talking nicely"

"I said I don't like this family"

Hubby and I are just ignoring him

"You make me so angry"

Hubby and I are talking to each other.

"hello Mommy, I said I dont like this family"


"I want a new family"

"shut up"

"shut up"

"shut up"



I just continue my shopping all the while nosy people are staring at us. I smile, and keep walking.

"Mommy I love you, and our family"


  1. Ahh, that last sentence makes up for all the other stuff.That is so sweet.And scary that he calls you Mommy.I pray they do find him an adoptive family soon so he can learn that mommy is permanent too.All the best

  2. when they are looking for a reaction or saying things to be hurtful that is the best way to handle it