Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I have tired to write a post a few times, but seem to have writers block (if you can even call me a writer.)

Life has been a little on the crazy side. Wayne has still not purchased a new car, which means we're still sharing the Mommy mobile. The temperatures outside has been OUTRAGEOUS. Typically for this time of year it is in the low 90's. With the heat index it has been well over 110! Needless to say we've been spending a lot of time in the pool, or chillin in the AC!

Our house was taken over with fleas a few days ago, totally disgusting! I have had cats my intire life, and have never had issues with fleas. Given that we live in the boonies, fleas run a muck in our neck of the woods.

We had to give the cats a 24 hour pill, bathe them (what a lot of fun that was), spray the outside, and give them front line. We also used borax on our floors and furniture. The combination above seemed to do the trick.

A few days later we noticed that Pete aka the killer beast was looking a little thin. Being the good Mommy and Daddy that we are rushed him to the vet. Turns out the lil shit is allergic to fleas, and was licking himself so much that his fir was falling out. $125 dollars, and a shot of god knows what he seems to be doing better.

I hope we never have to deal with nasty fleas again.

Hubby will be graduating with his BS at the end of the summer, then its on to graduate school. Hopefully one day soon i'll get to be a stay at home wife!!

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