Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visit (update)

Lil Man did really well at his visit today. Instead of being his birth mom and Aunt there, there were over 15 family members. Talk about overwheleming. He took everything instride playing with his cousins, posing for a few pictures, and drinking chocolate milk.

His BM did not pay him much attention, she just chatted about her life, and her new baby. She did hug and kiss him good bye. The Aunt who had him in her care for 17 months, was all over him, as were her five daughters. You can tell that his aunt really cared about him.

Today was a real eye opener, it was my first experaince with a birth mom, let along a birth family. They are supposed to see him next month before court, as rights are being terminated this time (or so they say.)

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