Sunday, June 14, 2009

Medical isues

Yesterday the hubby called to check on the family that was in the car accident. Two of them were in intensive care, and the other two were doing better. Thank God they all survived.

Today I got a phone call from my sister Nicola, my nephew Alex had another seizure today while they were at Bush Gardens. It appears to have been another febrile seizure. His temperature was 100.5, which is on the low end of a fever. But it doesn't matter how high the person body temperature is. It depends on how fast the temperature changes.

Because of the amount of febrile seizure he has had, he is now classified as epileptic. Most children out grow the seizures by age five. While they are scary to witness, they are harmless to Alex. Thankfully he does not remember the seizures. Today after he came to, he asked his Mommy why he had to go home, he wasn't finished riding the rides.

Never a dull moment in the Smith-Sanford family.

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