Friday, August 1, 2008

When it rains, it pours..


A few days have gone passed, and Wayne is still unable to bear wear on his leg.  He was seen at urgert care, and was referred to an orthopedist who requested an MRI.  We have fun chatting and joking around while the MRI was going on.  We return to the orthopedist Monday morning, and should know if surgery is necessary for it to heal.

Upon returning home from the Dr's we realized our air conditioner  was out of commission. Those of you who live in Scotland, don't understand the need for a/c.  Our house quickly went from a comfy 78 degrees, to a hot a sweaty 86! It was insanely hot, even the cats were sweating!

Thankfully we got the AC fixed first thing this morning.

It's one thing after another..


  1. wish we had the need for a/c! x

  2. mmm you wish that it was over 100 degree sometimes almost all summer?

  3. well its a lot better than 11 degrees and raining!!jylqcy