Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Should I?


Wayne, and I have been struggling with the idea of becoming foster parents.  We missed our training last weekend, because we were both sick.  The next one is in November, but knowing my luck it will be when Mark, (my brother), and his family are in town visiting.

I have wanted to foster for several years.  Wayne, and I have been discussing it on and off, the last few months, and we decided to give it ago.

I signed up for a yahoo group, that is geared toward foster parenting.  The group mainly consists  foster mothers, talking about their daily ups and downs of raising foster children. 

Many of them have fostered over a dozen children, and eventually adopted a few of them.  Some of them they picked him from the hospital after they were born.  Others came from group homes as troubled teens.

These children like all children need a lot of attention, and love.  There will be your typical sick child, and well check doctors apts.  As well as countless other appointments with social workers, and councilors.  Court dates, and school meetings.

I know that Wayne, and I  could give a child a loving home, but I am worried I wont be able to "do it all" and not miss any work. As my boss is being less than supportive about this whole situation.

I wonder if the timing is wrong, should  we just hold off until I am able to stay home?

Should I enjoy married life, kid free for a few years?

Or should I jump in feet first, and get on with it?

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  1. screw ur boss lol. If this is something you want to do then do it. Court is once every 3-6 mths and if they have other appts it will be therapy which u can schedule in the evening. The case manager if its an agency like mine has to come 2x a week to your home but u could have willie b and parker and the kids all there or have wayne do it. The custoidal agency has to come 1x a month.
    With my company u have to keep medication, fire logs u have to do weekly reports. Not all of them will do this.

    If this is something u want to do, do it and like I said screw ur boss lol.

    Im surprised the training wasnt cxld due to the weather.