Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get it together

We have spent the last five days going from one Dr's apt to another, the system here in lovely Thomasville, is ass backwards. You come in with an injured knee, your wife misses work to drive you, because you cant drive yourself, when you have a leg immobilize on. The Dr' looks at you and says "yep you need an MRI".

So they schedule your MRI for the following day, your wife misses more time off work. After the MRI you go back to the DR for the results, missing more work, and walking on a SORE LEG, that you have been told not to bend.

Dr tells you that you need surgery, come back tomorrow to SIGN papers, and schedule surgery. Oh wait you need to to pre-op, and sit for hours on end, waiting your turn. After pre-op you breath a sigh of relief because you just spent 4 hours in the Dr's office for a 5 min visit. As your getting ready to leave the nurse tells you that you must stop by the outpatient rehab, to learn what exercises must be preformed on your leg after surgery.

Keep in mind its 1,000 degrees, Wayne can't walk, I have a 10 month old attached to my hip, and a 3 yr old who decides he wants to be just like Wayne, and can no longer walk.

So after a total of 12 hours surgery has been scheduled for 6:30am tomorrow.

The "system" is totally messed up. Someone needs to be figure out what's going on.

Will update tomorrow!

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