Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling sorry for myself..


I can't believe its only 5:30pm.  I feel as if  time as been standing still all day.  I am not one to sit around and do nothing, and its driving me nuts.

I went back to the doctor today, because I feel as if I have been hit by a bus.  Turns out I don't have strep just a crappy virus that's in my throat, as well as my sinus infection.

I don't ever recall being in this much pain, maybe I am turning into a wuss in my old age. I have decided to wrap myself up in my Mum's dressing gown, and take it easy.

Wayne's infection looks much better today, we have to change the dressing twice a day, and have it rechecked on Monday.


He still isn't able to bear weight on his leg, and isn't due for another check up until Sept 11. 


He has been doing his best driving me nuts, he's more work than Parker and Willie combined. While doing his latest stunt in his wheelchair, he fell backwards and almost bust his noggin .


The winds from fay have started to pick up, they have already knocked down our neighbor tree, taking out the power line as well.


We are expected to get 8-10 inches of rain over the next few hours.

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  1. Looks like y'all are getting some seriously nasty weather from the tropical storm. We're thinking of you and hope everything's okay!

    Edward & Keesha