Tuesday, July 29, 2008



So i've gained custody of my Mum's ashes.  She enjoyed her trip from Virginia beach, to Tybee Island.  When we arrived home I took Mum's urn out of the box, and placed it on my TV cart.. I told her to behave, and kissed her urn good night. 

Around 5am our TV in the livingroom turned on.  It was so loud it woke both Wayne, and I up.  I of course was scared, and did not want to move out the bed.  Seeing how my husband is faking it  injured I had to hop out of bed and turn it off.

The remote was out of site,so the cats couldn't have stepped on it. I guess my Mum was saying good morning... Wayne told me, that I needed to tell my Mum to sleep in a little later..


  1. faking it?

  2. Spooky!
    We have had things around here happen and Dan thinks it is his mom trying to tell us something. So I know the feeling!

    ps, injured hubbies are big babies!