Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let it begin..


Its 6:53am and Wayne has just been taken back for to be prepped for surgery.  I know its outpatient, and consider a simple surgery, but I am still nervous.

I sat with him for 15-20 minutes before they wheeled him into the OR.

The surgery itself should take an hour.

Please say a wee prayer that everything will be okay.

It's 8:08am, and the lady told me his surgery has just begun. 

We are home now, and Wayne is resting.  They were able to do the scope surgery, and remove the cartilage that came off. They also removed a blood clot that was forming, because of all the blood in his leg.

He is not allowed to weight bear for 48 hours, but after that it's all hands on deck.

Thanks for the prayers.

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