Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last night I lay in bed.  My heart was pounding, I couldn't sleep. I haven't slept well in weeks.  Lil' Man hasn't sleep through the night in weeks.

Him waking up 1,000 time a night, has started to cause me anxiety.  I lay in bed waiting for him to wake up, because I know its going to happen.

He usually wakes up, and comes barging into my room with some type of complaint. He wants a tattoo, he needs to be covered up.  He wants a new night light, he needs the bathroom (but refuses to go unless I get up). and so on and so.

This happens two or three time a night. Typically around 2am-5am.

It isnt the lack of sleep , thats causes the anxiety.  It's knowing what I am going to have to deal with in the morning when the kid is too tired to get up.

If my boy doesn't get a good 12 hours of sleep.  FORGET about it.  His day is ruined until he naps.

So this weekend while Lil' Man is bonding with his adoptive family.  I will be looking forward to a full nights sleep.  I might even sleep in till 8am 



  1. For young children with sleep problems, melatonin frequently helps. It is not a prescription, but a naturally occurring substance everyone's body produces. You can get it in a supermarket, drug store, or health food store. Enjoy your sleep this weekend!

  2. Melatonin doesnt work for Lil' man we've tired it. He acutally takes an rx sleeping pill. without it he doesnt sleep more than 3-4 hours a night.

  3. Can you try reassuring him before bed. I would say that he is showing you his stress, he is probably scared about the upcoming change. I would work on some verbal reassurance before bed and perhaps if he can identify a feeling you could use a special new stuffie to help with the tranistion, perhaps his adoptive parents could buy him one and tape some special messages to it or put them inside it.
    Enjoy the sleep while you can get it ont he weekend!

  4. sleep in, order in, spend the weekend in your jammies with a good book. enjoy!

  5. Hoping you get a lot of good sleep, Karen.

  6. Oh, how I hate being sleep deprived.....Hoping you get some Real Rest this weekend.

  7. He wants a tattoo??? LMBO... you should totally take him for one before he leaves.

  8. Lol Lesley-a fake one not a real one..