Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blue eyed boy..

Here are a few pictures of my blue eyed boy.






  1. Oh my heavens. God certainly knows what he is doing when he makes the naughty ones soooo CUTE! He is adorable!! He doesn't have any physical characteristics of FAS huh? When is he coming home?

  2. He is luck he is so cute, let me tell you that! He has some less noticeable physical characteristics of FAS such as: mild hairiness, posterior rotation of his ears, epicanthal folds, thin/small upper lip, short curved fifth fingers, and deep thenar creases.

    He does not have a lot of the bigger ones, small head, poor weight gain (he is short for his age). On the FAS check list, 10 or greater suggest significant numbers of physical features that are known to be associated with FAS Lil' Man scored a 14.

    Because he is not growth restricted he was giving the dx of Partial fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as disruptive behavior disorder, NOS, as well as borderline cognitive functioning.

    I am picking him up in a few hours!