Friday, March 12, 2010


Lil' Man has had a fabulous week.  He slept all night, used his manners, made the right choices at both home and school. We have not had to put him in time out, or take away any toys.  He was given positive praise every few minutes, and treats every few hours.

Until yesterday.

He lost it at school, and refused to enter the classroom.  He picked up a chair, and threatened to throw it at the students.

He was removed from the room.  He started beating his head against the wall, and punching himself. After 30+ minutes he finally said he was ready to go back to class.

What gives? What happened? Why did things go south so fast? Why can he be over the top good for four straight days?

We followed the same routine, the same teachers were at school.  Everything was the same, except that one thing.  I wish we could figure him out.


  1. Could be a whole host of things. Could be the anticipated return to adoptive family this weekend coming up. ?? So glad he had such a great week though! Reinforcing the positive is exactly what you want to do. Way to go!

  2. all the things that Katie said are true and there also could be some small trigger that no one is even aware of, perhaps he was thinking about something and then someone said something that turned what he was thinking about into a trigger.
    I hope he has a good weekend.

  3. I did a little back reading on your blog when I found it. I am a foster mom as well, not of my kids are special needs though. I am so glad you guys are taking such good care of your little one.