Friday, March 5, 2010

1 day down

Lil' Man has been gone for twenty four  hours.  To wake up on my own was a rather strange feeling.  Not having to walk on egg shells in the morning tell felt great, but I miss the little bugger.

I  know he is having a great time.  I wonder how he slept last night. I wonder what he doing right now.

When I was packing his suitcase I asked him what toys he wanted to take he said "none." He said "keep them safe for me because i'm coming back here".

He doesn't have much concept of time, so he's a little confused about the weekend visits, and the forever family thing.

The adoptive Mom said she would call me tonight, once he was in bed. I can't wait for an update.


  1. I can't wait either. Was he excited to go? I have been meaning to ask you how school is going? I am surprised they aren't asking you to keep him until the end of the school year. I know you miss him. They have a way of making us love them even though they are so unlovable A LOT of the time. :) I am hoping you will share a picture of him soon. I want to see the lil' man. Let us know what adoptive mom says.

  2. A student moved out of the other class, so he has been placed in the better classroom, which has 2 other SPED students, so the three of them share an aid. I've posted a pic of Lil' Man here or other. I will post one soon.