Wednesday, March 17, 2010

adoption update

I haven't posted an update regarding Lil' Man's adoption.  We're hanging in limbo waiting to hear from the adoptive parents, and their case worker.

I hope for Lil' Man's sake that they are not backing down.  Two failed adoptions in five months is a little much for anyone to bear.

As of now he isnt going to their house this weekend.

We shall see


  1. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

  2. Why isn't he going to their house this weekend? I thought they were waiting for the assessment - but has the transition been completely stopped until then?! That isn't a good plan! Prayers for all involved.... :(

  3. He isnt going there this weekend bc his worker has trianing all day Friday, and cannot drive him. We offered to drive him up there Thursday evening, but the adoptive parents said they have to work Friday during the day.

    We did not tell Lil' Man they were his adoptive parents, he figure it out. Has has known all along that one day he would get adopted so it didnt take long for him to know what was going on.

  4. What a smart little boy he is- hope it all works out.

  5. I hope all goes well for Lil' Man's sake. Praying for everyone involved.