Monday, June 7, 2010


Lil' man woke up at oh dark 30, in a shitty mood. I knew today was not going to be a a good day. We struggled all morning.  I finally dropped him at daycare only to get a phone call from the director.

"Lil' man sat on the teachers lap and urinated on her."


He preceded to say "You need to call my mama now, because I don’t have a change of clothes."

He has a change of clothes.

Thankfully the daycare knew what he was up too, and they did not send him home.  They wanted me to come to the school to talk to him. 

Which did no good at all.

I called his caseworker, i'm at a loss.  I don’t know what to do.  Typical stuff doesn't work, hell even the therapeutic stuff doesn't work.  She asked me if I wanted respite for a few weeks. 

I declined. 

The behaviors will still be there once he gets back from respite. The might even be worse.  I told her we need an emergency visit to have his meds changed/upped.  I cant wait until July.

Everything that we have worked toward the last year has gone to shit in a matter of months.  He had made so much progress .  He was making logical choices.  He was enjoyable.

Not so anymore.


  1. Ugh. So Sorry. I bet it's just the change in routine. That is so hard for these kiddos. All the sudden there is no more school and he is in a new daycare. His anxiety is probably through the roof and you are seeing it in his behaviors and lack of sleep. You gotta hand it to him though, he's a clever little devil. :)Wish there was some other way I could help.

  2. u need to push for residential until he is stabalized you guys are the only positive people in his life and if you burn out and give him back he may not get FP like u all. It can be done. Tell his worker to get off her butt and fight for it. That way his meds and behaviors are monitored on a constant basis and they can figure out what is going on