Tuesday, June 1, 2010

crabby pants

I spoke to soon.  Lil' Man was up almost all night. He went to bed at 8pm, and messed around until 10pm.  He was up again at 1am,until God knows when.  He appeared again at 4am and was up until 6am.   Since hubby doesn't have to leave  for school until 11am, we let Lil' Man sleep till 9am. 

His  bed was covered in blood.

He was picking while he was awake.

Hubby drove him to daycare after breakfast only to be told by the director "he needs to be here by 9am or he cant attended unless he has a doctors note."


It's daycare not school.

and that would have been nice to know when we first signed him up.

I told hubby next time we will just take him grumpy as all get out and they can deal since he has to be three by 9am. 


  1. As a former daycare provider, I will say that we pushed for kids to be at school by 9am because otherwise it threw off their whole day. Being there at 9 (or at least being there at the same time every day) meant they had time for free play and circle time. But coming in at 11ish would likely mean heading straight to lunch and then naptime - which is not what ANY kid wants when they first walk into their classroom full of toys and friends!

    On the other hand, knowing that Lil Man has special needs, some plan should be able to to be worked out. They would probably much rather him come in a bit late, than to come in and have to be sent home for bad behavior. I hope something can be agreed upon that is best for Lil Man!

  2. I used to run a daycare and I can understand wanting them there by a certain time. I used to want mine there by 10:30 so I knew how many kids I was making lunch for. However with a situation like ours I would have understood. Lil' Man is going to be late many times b/c of all the appts he has. I will talk with the director tomorrow.