Tuesday, June 22, 2010

apt update

Today was Lil' Mans apt with the psychiatrists.   He told us to take him off of his strattera.  Apparently strattera makes some people manic.  I'm not buying it because he has been on the strattera for sometime.  The behaviors have only gotten worse the last 2 months. 

The psychiatrist said that if things get worse in the next few days he will up his respidol.  Cross your fingers for us please.


  1. Just wanted you to know that my little man (who's now 14) started on risperdal 5+ years ago after years on stimulants (with little/no success) He started on risperdal and is now on the max dose (and made it there shortly after starting the meds). He now takes 2mg 2Xday (4mg is the max dose). He is a different kid and has remained stable for over 5 years. If we try to even back him off a little bit, it becomes apparent quickly that he can't tolerate it! Hang in there and I would push the doctor to try upping the risperdal.

  2. Does the resperdal not make your guy tired? Lil' Man takes 1.5mg at night. He is sleep within 20 mins of taking it. I worry that he will be a zombie if they put him on an AM dose

  3. It did take a little adjusting on his part, but it didn't take long. Honestly, he's still out like a light at night, which is a great thing:) I do know that his doses were adjusted up in very small increments until he was at the maximum dose. Really, his behavior was so bad prior to starting this medication, that I would have preferred asleep to what he was doing off meds :) He still gets tired in the morning if he is bored (like in school or riding in the car) and sometimes he does fall asleep, but school knows it and works with him.

    Don't know what (or where) he would be without the meds though!