Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Things are so so here.  His behaviors have greatly improved at home, but he continues to rule the daycare.  They have called me everyday this week about his behaviors.  Today I had to pick him up.

My boss is getting tired of me taking off work because of his behaviors.  I already miss so much work because of his weekly appointments, foster care training, etc.

This crap wears you down.  I dont know how people do this forever.  I guess I had a different view of what foster care would be like.  I love this lil guy, but I dont always enjoy being around him. 


  1. You would not be the first foster parents to have to request a child to move because of behavior OUTSIDE the home. Children can often hold it together when they are at home, with primary caregivers, and with security. But school/daycare is sometimes just too overstimulating - and because their are often so many caregivers and so many children - the child just can not feel safe and thus acts out. If it is at all possible for him to be in a smaller setting with fewer kids, he may do much better. Either way, I'm praying for you all - I know you love your lil man.

  2. I'm a fellow foster mama. I've had kids removed. We'd only had them a week when I made the decision and it was heartbreaking. I think I'm still dealing with all the crap it created in me, so I totally get you. I totally get you.

    It's tough. I don't know what will work for you or lil' man, but have heart. You're not alone.

  3. my 4 year old boy made me feel the same way. i was so relieve when he left, he just didn't fit with our family but he went to an adoptive home where he did fit, so I was happy for him.

    i always am so impressed by how you have done with him. you have given him the BEST you can and I hope you still have more to give, but if you don't that is ok too.