Monday, April 26, 2010


Lil' Man sleeps about 11.5 hours a night.  Typically he is bed at 7:30pm, and I wake him for school at 7am, if he hasn't already woken on his own. He takes an hour nap in the afternoon, but is often ready for his nap around 10am.

He has been taking the same medications for several months now.

It seems the tiredness is getting worse.

For example Saturday night he was asleep by 7:45pm, and slept until 8am Sunday.  By 10am he was fussy (whining, rubbing his eyes, yawning.) By 11am he was sound asleep in the car.  Despite the fact the music was on, and P and Willie-B where chatting.

The crabbiness is something you would expect from a 2 yr old who missed his nap, not a 5 yr old.

I've asked for a sleep study and was told there was no reason for one.  Besides I doubt he would even sleep during one.

After getting 11.5 hours of sleep last night, he fell asleep in school during circle time. 

I am at a loss.  I really don't think its medication related


  1. GB, at 5, required 12 hours of sleep. Now, at 7, she only needs 11 1/2 hours sleep. If we let her get too tired, a meltdown is inevitable. If you can't get the medical people to take you seriously, you might want to start keeping a sleep log. A month of hard data should convince them.

  2. So agree with GB's Mom. First, tell the pediatrician you are FOR REAL. Demand a sleep study. Ask for a referral. The change in tiredness may be a response from a growth spourt, or over-stimulation. I am assuming he is not used to having other boys around and the constant "going." Keep a log. Gosh, I am so tired of US having to be advocates for these babies who would otherwise be LOST and then getting no support.


  3. might be a growth spurt. Check his height now and in a week or two. My kids would be tired, sleep a lot, be emotional(omg)and want to eat everything/eat only junk/not eat anything for that period. Because kids grow while they sleep (sounds weird but true) and boys tend to grow in bigger spurts we saw those mood swings alot with our son vs our daughters. BTW we dealt with that until our son was 17 :)

    We also ran into that alot with new to us kids who were previously nutrition deprived. Poor kids would be in so much pain from growth spurts.

  4. I agree with the other mamas. Growth spurt may be the reason, although my 5 yr old (who will be 6 on Thrs) sleeps 7:30pm - 7:30am and will take a nap if we are out and he does not get his full 12 hours. Is Lil' Man eating more lately?

  5. we have one sleeper and one non sleeper - Fudge is always tired even when he gets enough sleep, he is not falling asleep on us but he is older and is now starting to identify that he is not getting enough sleep when he has been up late one night, the next night he says he did not get enough sleep.

    I think all the other Mama's are right, keep track, dr's can't really fight when you write it all down.

  6. Hi! The other thing you could look at, just to throw it out there, is to watch him while he sleeps. I have two now who have some substantial seizure activity at night which limits the actual real rest they are getting, and until we get meds figured out they are just TIRED. :) Hope something gets figured out, poor guy!

  7. Ha eating more lately De? That boy never stops eating! If eating where a sport he would win first place! At least he likes healthy foods!

    I am going to keep a log and bring it to the dr at his next med check. Thanks for the advice.

  8. wish i had the same issue cant get jax in bed before 9 he dosent fall asleep till atleast 930 up at 730 and dosent take naps and he is only 3 lol

  9. I've got an almost five year old with fasd and rad. he seems to need naps more during rough periods--cycles of more behaviors. we got a monitor and found out that when he's going through a rough patch, he's awake for hours. sometimes half the night-- not raging or anything but chattering to himself like mad. we don't stop it, just make sure he gets some extra rest during the day. one of the first signs that he's settling in again is that he sleeps better at night.