Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back at it

Back to the grind tomorrow.  After being off for school/work for the last nine days its gonna be hard to get back into the swing on things.  Lil' Man has not been feeling well. I hope he's better by tomorrow. 

A the firefighter!

We had a fun spring break!  My sister Lesley, and her two children J (9), and A (4) where in town for a week.  We were on the go constantly.  Lil' Man did well being off schedule. 

We went to a hands on children's museum. Here is Lil' Man working at Winn Dixie.

We went to the beach, had a few BBQ's, went to the aquarium, to a bounce house, shopping, to the Animal shelter (to feed the cats and dogs treats), and a million and one golf cart rides. Good times! I was sad to  see  them go.

J shopping at Little Winn Dixie.

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