Friday, April 30, 2010

Thumbs up

Lil' Man did great at his school program.  He came in shouting "Hey Mom give me a hug."  He then climbed onto the bleachers and spotted a rose.  He looked at me, and pointed to the rose. I shook my head no because I knew he wanted to pick it.  That boy loves to give his Mama flowers.

He sat nicely while the principle was talking.  He tired his best to get from sitting to standing for the pledge, but ended up toppling over.  His aid had to come to his rescue because he couldn't get back up. 

The music started and so did his lil foot.   He was tapping away, and looking around in his own little world.  He didnt sing half of the songs.  When he decided to sing there was a five second delay between him and the other students.  But I didnt care, I was proud of him.

He stayed in the one spot, didnt shout, kick, push etc.  I will admit it is hard to see him next to his typical classmates.  His social, emotional, and educational delays are so apparent.  I love that Lil kid.


  1. I am happy he did well. Their delays always seem to stand out more when they are among their typical peers.

  2. Shew. Glad he did well. The hardest part of parenting Nate is his unpredictability so I know how very proud and relieved you must be that he didn't go crazy. Good for both of you!!! :)

  3. glad it went well, i bet her was really cute :)

  4. Awww. So glad it went well. You must be so proud!