Friday, April 23, 2010

Parade (update)

I spoke with the school and was told that only select students where picked from each preschool class to participate in the parade.  I was assured  that Lil' Man was not singled out. 

I am waiting on my fav person at the school who gives me the inside scoop to confirm this. To me it looked as if his entire class was in the float but I cant confirm if it was half his class half the other class, because I don’t know all of the students well enough.

The school has called me twice today, and i've been up there once because Lil' Mans behaviors are out of control.  I wish I could get inside of that kids head.

On a good note, I am meeting with a new daycare on Monday. Their program sounds great! .  The program,  provides structured educational enrichment through the 100-Book Challenge Curriculum, homework tutoring  Once their homework is completed, the children participate in curriculum enrichment activities centered around our subjects of interest -gardening, computer training; drama, crafts, career building skills. In addition the children are provided with meals and/or snacks, depending on the length of their day with us.

Just crossing my fingers they will accept my guy, because they don't have too.


  1. Doesn't Lil' Man qualify for special ed preschool?

  2. He attends a public Pre-K program. He is in a mainstream classroom with an IEP (he gets 3 on 1 support). We could have placed him in the special ed class, but I did not feel it was a good fit for him.