Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the go

Its been a busy week!

My bosses are out of town so we've had P and Willie-B since Thursday.

Thursday we went to the rose bud parade.

Friday we went to the "big" parade.  We bumped into Lil' Mans bio's.  We chatted few while Lil' Man spazzed out. (gotta love small town living)

Saturday we ventured to an Art and Science Museum about an hour away. They had an awesome dinosaur exhibit.  Lil' Man, and Willie-B where scared. They thought they were real.  We had a good time and ended up getting a membership.

After the museum we headed home, and went for a golf cart ride around the plantation.  We spotted some dear, an armadillo, and a few gator's.

After the golf cart ride we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. The boys where great, so well behaved.

All three boys where in bed my 7:30pm, and slept until 8am!

Today we played hide and seek, before heading to the aquarium.   After the aquarium we went to the Park, and then ran to Target to get Lil' Man a swim shirt.

When we got home the boys played, did a few crafts, and played play dough, while dinner was cooking.

We just finished up baths, and they are watching a few minutes of TV before bed.  I love it when the kids are worn out!


  1. PS What is gripe water????? And where do I get it????

  2. Whew!!! I think I will sleep well after reading what a busy week you had. LOL!


  3. glad you had a good weekend :)