Monday, April 12, 2010


Today was a shitty day.  Lil' Man got sent home sick from school today.  His tummy has been upset on and off since Thursday. He was acting fine yesterday, so I assumed he was alright. I called my boss and let her know that I had to pick him up from school.  I told her she could either come home (remember i'm a nanny), or that I could pick Lil' Man and continue on with my work day. 

Since I was off for the last nine days she was not too happy.  In the end I picked him up, and stayed at work.  At nap time he got up, and had an poop accident on the floor.  Instead of coming to tell me he tried to clean it up himself. 

I was down stairs folding laundry and didnt hear a thing (their house is huge).  I heard a noise and went to see what was going on.

I entered the guest room where Lil' man as napping.  The bathroom light was on.  No biggy.. I walked toward the bathroom, and the light went off. Out came Lil' Man pantless.

I opened the door, and turned the light back on.

OMG was all I could say.

There was poop everywhere.  My worst nightmare come true. Nothing like poop hand prints on your bosses custom wallpaper. On the sink, all over the floor, all over the kid. Wads and wads of toilet all over the floor.


I was fuming, but felt bad at the same time, because I knew he was trying to clean up his mess.

I had to walk out the room, and sit down for a second. There was THAT much poop. I came up with a plan.  I stuck the kid in the tub, and got to scrubbing.

I was able to get it all cleaned up, and aired out the room. 

What a shitty day.


  1. shitty day is right! nothing else to really say about that.

  2. wow, sounds like a really crappy day (sorry, I couldn't resist)

  3. did you get through the day without screaming?!!!! What a shitty day! (tee hee)

  4. Girl...I would have been puking my brains out. I give you SO MUCH credit! Hope today is better. Any word from adoptive fam?

  5. holy cow. good for you giving your self a minute. i would have needed much longer :) you are an awesome mama to him. he is very lucky