Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's going on


  • Wayne's knee continues to heal, he attends rehab three time a week, and recently graduated to walking with a cane.


  • His MRSA is clearing up nicely.  He continues to take bleach baths  few time a week.  Hopefully MRSA wont rear it's ugly head again.


  • Baby Ella finally made it home after almost three weeks in the ICU, she doing a lot better, and weighed in at 9lbs 14oz at her last weigh in.


  • We're still waiting to get our license in the mail, the unknown is driving me nuts.


  • Only a few more weeks until Mark, and his crew fly over from Scotland.  We're gonna be busy.  Disney, the beach, and a tour of ATL!


  • We've been mini van shopping, but haven't found one yet.  I would like a town and country, but don't want to spend an arm, and a leg.


That's all for now folks..How is things going in your life?

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