Friday, October 10, 2008

Culture shock..

Last night  Wayne, and I along with the boys ventured to "the deep south fair", it was an interesting night to say the least.  Wayne told me the words"deep south", and "demolition derby" should have clued me in.

We waited in a line of cars for 15 minutes to enter the parking lot, then we stood in line for another 10 minutes to purchase tickets to enter the fair ($6.00 a person).

I went to the fair each year as a child, but had never been to a southern fair.  We headed straight to the derby pit, with hopes of finding a seat.  Almost every seat was filled except for a few on the front row.  I thought I had hit the seat lottery until a women a few rows behind shouted "your gonna get hit with mud".  Mud? what? "the mud from the pit is gonna fly out once's the car's start crashing, and spinning their wheels" she shouted.

I knew there was no way I could convince Wayne to move, the poor man was sweating buckets from the long walk in. not to mention I had a 26lb baby hanging from my neck, and a skinny four year old attached to my leg.  So I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to get a little dirty.  Wayne told me it was all part of the derby experience.


In true southern style the derby started out with a prayer followed by the national anthem. Then the roaring began as the drivers fired up their engines.  Then the horn sounded, and the crashing began.  The first go round, we were not lucky enough to be hit with flying mud.

Before the second round started the fireman, turned on his hose, and gave the mud a good soakin.  I knew I was in trouble this time.  The horn sounded again, and so began the crashing.  This time one of the cars, crashed into the fence, right in front of us, his bumper was wedged between the fence, and he was trying his damndest to get out.

The sound of the engine revving scared the boys, as well as me, so I took them and walked to the side.  Just as I walked away, the car over heated a caught fire.  At this point I was done, and ready to head home.  But Parker really wanted to stay so we watched a few more rounds.

Round three is when the mud really started flying, I was hit in the face, head eyes, hands.  Willie B and I were in the wrong spot, as Parker and Wayne didnt have a speck of mud on them. 

We left before it ended so we didn't get to see the lucky car, and drive received their reward for being the last one standing. Maybe next year we'll be lucky enough to stay for the entire event..

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