Sunday, October 5, 2008



Today I spent over three hours bleaching anything, and everything in my house including my husband.  His MRSA is getting worse instead of better, the antibiotics don't seem to be working this time around. 

From what I have read about MRSA, once you get it its hard to get rid of it.  I have read horror stories of people battling this infection for years.

We have taken matters into our own hands.  We will wash towels, and bed linen's daily in hot water with borax. Wayne will take a  bleach bath every other day for twenty minutes.

He will also start taking a Colloidal silver supplement. which is supposed to cure MRSA.

He has a follow up appointment tomorrow morning, and I have plenty of questions for the doctor. 

Keep your fingers crossed, because MRSA is taking a toll on us both emotionally and finically.  


  1. Karen,

    My sister battled mrsa 2 years ago. She had sukrgical mrsa and was in ht ehospital for 1 month. They gave her a (pic line?) It was in her arm feed strait to her main artery. It has been gone since and has not reappeared. It's a hard battle not only physically but emotionally as well. It's hard to get over, even when it's gone. My grandaughter also had mrsa from a cut on her leg. They treated it with sulfer. Good Luck!!

  2. If he comes down with it again I am going to request IV antiobotics. I can wait to have this MRSA crap behind us.